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Some Songs :O

2011-08-15 20:27:47 by KDxPwn

Please feel free to check out mine and a friends little music page @
ToothBreaker Records

(Also see what you think of the Logo I did for it @

Some Songs :O


2011-01-15 00:09:59 by KDxPwn

Im Not Sure If You Guys Took Note or Not But I Am Not One To MAKE Animations I Just Like Drawing/Desighning Things For People To Use.....Now Ali25 Unfortunately Didn't Finish (If You Had Geussed) The Animation.Yet He Now Has Adobe Flash Cs5 (Thanks To Me).

Now, We Should Be Looking Foward To An Amazing Animation From Him ;D Using Some Of My Weapons Or Maybe Even A Room or Two ;D...

On Another Note..I Might Be..ATTEMPTING Some Animation Of My Own, Wish Me Very Much Luck Seeing As..I Have VERY BAD ADD. So Don't Be Expecting It To Be Released Tomorrow xDD. Now Good Luck To All And Have A Brillaint Day/Night <3

New Animation Coming

2010-04-04 16:36:18 by KDxPwn

Ok Im Making a Gun And I Will Show That Gun In Full Action And I Also Will Have That Gun In An Animation On Thar So Keep A Watch On Our Channels For Those KkThxBai! <3 u guise lol oo heres a photo of the gun in my pad lol tell me what you think! ;D

New Animation Coming